Sunday, January 15, 2012

DAY 117 (7 Things about me you might not know week)

I have watched the series The Sopranos in it's entirety 3 times.

Goodfella's and Casino probably 30 times. And don't forget the Godfather movies. And American Gangster...too many to list.

As a entrepreneur I find Tony Soprano inspiring. Gangsters are completely committed to their jobs. They are extremely ambitious. They find new and creative ways to make money. These guys don't get a day off.

Not to much different then the indie art-craft scene:)


Lea said...

Hello! I love your work! Its really cute, fun and inspiring! Im trying to figure out if what you do is drawing on fabric or if they are stitches. Ive tried looking at it really close and it looks like drawing! Am i right? :o) Again, i really love your work!

candace said...

Ha ha! Love the comparison :)

I'm just finally getting around to watching this legendary the last season and I don't want it to end.

I love this 365 project, you are so talented!

Hannah Rosengren said...


Lucky Jackson said...

they are stitches! And thank you so much

Lucky Jackson said...

thank you so much!

Lucky Jackson said...

I thought so!