Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 68 (Blog Crush)

Caren from Tea and Chicadees (a blog about the little things).

I met Caren a few years ago . She had the cutest shop in town and asked if I would be interested in selling some of my prints there. This was the beginning of one of my most cherished friendships.

When we see each other we get as giddy as school girls. We share a love of tea, all things vintage, graphic novels and comic books and David Sedaris. Her treasuries on Etsy are so beautifully curated, they just blow my mind.

Oh and check out her awesomely curated etsy shop at The Vintage Apartment!


Desiree Fawn said...

Oh my word!! Hi neighbour!!

Sarbear said...

Very sweet. I love the patterned top and the brooch detail. :)


Caren via Tea and Chickadees said...

eep! I've been Luckified!! I love that you put me in chevrons & wearing a brooch - so moi!
I am swooning, not over myself (ha!), but of your beautiful work and for the honour of being a part of your Blog Crushes!!
I loves you, girlfriend!
{kissy face}

Leigh-Ann said...

This is my favorite piece of your work so far :) incredible!!

Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...

awwwws! Two of my favourite gals all stitched into one artistic fusion.. love it! Nice blue eyes Caren ;o)
needle and nest

thursday said...

good lord, look at those eyes! better yet, try to look away. You captured Caren beautifully.