Friday, November 25, 2011

day 67 (blog crush)

I have been following the blog
Doe-C-Doe forever. The author
Gina has the most inspiring, beautiful, humorous posts that always make my day.

She makes the most beautiful embroidery.

She takes the most whimsical photos too. Her toy photos always make me smile.

My favourite thing about Gina? Aside from being extremely sweet, super creative and unbelievable talented?

Her accordion playing. My kids gather round as soon as I am playing one of her songs.


Caren via Tea and Chickadees said...

I've been waiting for Gina to show up! LOVE the accordion image! eep! Now I want to go and listen/watch Gina play some more :)

gina said...

I simply can not stop smiling! my accordion & I are flattered by your beautiful portrait...and I am honored by your sweet words :)

Charis said...

Your work is so so awesome :)