Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 361 Shout-Out to Jenny Hart

One cannot think of  Embroidery work without  mentioning Jenny Hart.

In Peterborough we had the coolest little indie bookstore "Speak Volumes". This is where I first came across Jenny Hart's "Stitch-it Kit" in all its polka dot glory. I had that kit for some time before I actually opened it.

I thought that embroidery was going to have all these rules (not a big fan of rules myself). I thought that it was going to be frustrating and hard. But Jenny has a way of making embroidery so accessible, easy and fun. That was it. I started stitching and I haven't stopped. 

I can't thank you enough Jenny.


giddy99 said...

I love this one! It's now my absolute favorite!

Anonymous said...

As a Hart fan myself I just LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

awww this is so sweet! and i remember way back in the days of speak volumes in peterborough... getting me all nostalgic now.