Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 185 (I Pledge to be Awesome)

After receiving my tips from "Shorty" I approach "Bugsy"...

"I have been working on being awesome and I think I am ready to be apart of the Club ".

I can't read her reaction.

She says she needs to go to bed. She let's me know that her and "Shorty" will let me know soon.
They need to "sleep on it" before they make their final decision.

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oSoFine said...

This one brings up so many associations for me. On one hand it is cute and innocently evokes childhood - girlhood, in particular - with a wonderful contrast between the prim (almost outgrown) dress and the cowboy boots. The stuffed bunny is adorable.

On the other hand, when I first looked at it the mask seemed sinister - it reminded me of the menacing, disturbing Pooka from "Donnie Darko". Then "Donnie Darko" reminds me of "Harvey" and the image goes back to a more innocent, less threatening vibe.

The "wallpaper" and "wood floors" and the stance of the girl confronting the viewer evokes "The Shining" for me, as well. (I also think of "The Shining" when I view the wonderful pieces of the boy "driving" his toy car down the hallway and the matching piece with the spooky, animated Ronald Macdonald doll on a trike.)

Films and pop culture are such an ingrained part of our collective consciousness. Warhol and Lichtenstein (not to mention the introduction of "meta" tv by Joss Whedon) may have introduced and legitimized "pop art", but your work not only brings a fresh perspective by showing us that "craftwork" is "fine art" (and vice-versa) and that "geek culture" is not just for boys... well, you are creating a defining body of work for the second decade of the 20th Century. The importance of this project can not be underestimated.

[Well, that was very "art critic-y of me, lol! I hope it didn't make me sound too pretentious. I could write a whole article about this project... If you need an intro for your book, or a blurb for the cover, let me know! ;>]

(I'm dying to know what you are using for these wood-grain floors - is it a printed fabric or is it paper? It reminds me of dollhouse flooring.)