Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Catastrophy

Hide your kittens. This is a "super" cat lover.

Ode to my Daughter Claire, who loves our new kitten "Mr.Giggles" A LOT.
Poor Mr.Giggles. Didn't stand a chance.


thursday said...

Look at you making that fabric look cool! I had that FQ for six years and I thought it was totally hopeless.

Give that big pawed kitten a snuggle for me, will ya?

a blog about the little things said...

um, I think I need this in my life. Or perhaps a big girl version of that dress! oh yes, I would SO wear that. ;)
Also, I am way belated in visiting Mr Giggles .. I must rectify that, STAT!

Martyna Godzic said...

OMG ! this is great

J. O. Miller said...

Haha, so cute!!

J. O. Miller said...

So darn cute!