Thursday, January 5, 2012

Days 106 and 107 (Film Frock Week)

My apologies for my absence yesterday. I was quite sick with a fever and chills and all the other nasty stuff that you feel when you are ill. I told my husband after my marathon nap that I was going to go downstairs and work on an embroidery but I got my marching orders to go back to bed. At this point I was seeing double so we have to all thank him that I didn't get a needle or scissors in my hands.

I started feeling better today and I have for you a double header.
The first features one of my faves as you probably know. Brigitte Bardot.

 Nothing Beats French Fashion in the 60's.

"Marie Antoinette". I droll during this whole movie.


Kailey said...

Hearts in my eyes *__* <3

Astrid said...

oh no!!!! Feel better jen <3 LOVE Marie Antoinette! The dresses and pastel colours and just.. mmm! Adore!


dulcie said...

Hello! I only stumbled across your work today (well actually I had seen it on bleubird's blog before but not delved any further)and I fell in love! I featured you on my blog here: I hope that's okay, I don't really know the etiquette of these things!
Keep up the lovely work, Dulcie x

Susana said...

I adore BB and Godard but Le m├ępris never fails to upset me, regardless, beautiful movie and very beautiful piece!

I was wondering what happened yesterday and hope you feel much, much, much better now

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oSoFine said...

From your writing I can tell that you can be quite wonderfully droll, but I'm guessing that you "drool" (well, not actually - my apologies if you have a salivary issue) when watching "Marie Antoinette". ;> Gorgeous pieces here! Did you crochet the flowers yourself, or were they found objects? The Bardot piece is brilliant!