Friday, January 20, 2012

day 122 (You and Me and Popcorn and....)

"Boogie Nights"

Love this movie. Burt Reynolds is amazing. Philip Seymour Hoffman is priceless. Too many great performances to mention.
I am watching this tonight!

Best quote...(I actually made silk screens of this quote for my girls rooms... don't worry they don't know the reference:)

"I am a big bright shining star."

Mark Wahlberg as Eddie Adams (Dirk Diggler)


SheQuill said...

Meow. I was just rewatching this!

Hannah Rosengren said...

I've heard of this movie but have never seen I'm pretty sure I have to.

Rae said...

i love that movie too! i always feel like people will think i'm a pervert if they know!

J. O. Miller said...

Everything about this one is perfection! Love the gold background, an especially sassy touch.