Friday, January 13, 2012

DAY 115 (7 Things about me you might not know week)

Fact number 4.
My father was a psychologist. Everyone always though this was really cool. Having that resource living under the same roof. A life with out any problems that couldn't be solved...

OK let's return to the exploits of Little Lucky.

I am in grade school at a friends house for a pool party. I grew up in the 70's the decade of the gigantic jug of koolaid busting into the scene when ever there is kids around.

We never had koolaid at our house. Needless to say I made up for lost time.

Back to the pool... do you see where this is going?

Yes I peed in the pool. This wasn't something I would regularly do at a party but my bladder was full of a couple of litres of grape koolaid. The bathroom was all the way inside the house. I don't think I would have made it if I had to ask directions. So I relieved myself in my friends pool.

An announcement was made by the party host that she  could tell if anyone peed in the pool as a mysterious ring would appear and that she had witness one that day. My face began to burn. She knows... they all know. I quickly got on my terry shorts, grabbed my bike and headed home tears streaming down my face.

Upon my arrival at home my father came to my room to see what was wrong.
"Something terrible! I can't tell you!"
he prods further (remember this is what he does for a living)
"Dad. I need one of those pills that you give your people."
my father seems confused
"What people?"
"The people that you help with their problems. I need one of those pills."
My father seems even more confused.
"The pills that make people forget bad stuff that happened to them."
My father then went on to tell me that he doesn't prescribe medicine..only a psychiatrist could ... and that such a pill doesn't exist.
Did I want to talk about it?
No I think I am going to see if someone at school has a father that is a psychiatrist.

In Loving Memory of my father Dr. Barry Jackson. Who might have not have had a magic pill but who had the magic voice of reason and who solved a great deal of "problems" in his lifetime.

The Grandfather of Psychology and of no personal relation.
Sigmund Freud.


Angel said...

aw, this is so sweet. :]

Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said... I am still loving this week - the stories and the stitchery... I see visions of a BOOK full of witty writings and creative craftings from you Jen.. get on it eh?! ;o)
xo Must see you soon!