Tuesday, January 10, 2012

day 112 (Things About Me You Might Not Know)

I was obsessed with the Beatles growing up. Obsessed. My father who was a huge music buff totally supported my infatuation with them. He did not support though, my affinity towards my favourite Beatle.

Girls love Paul because he was obvious. Cute, somewhat funny? John Lennon got all the deep cerebral girls. George got the hippie chicks.

I loved myself some Ringo Starr.

I like the guys that can make fun of themselves. The goofy ones. The one that will make you laugh for the rest of your life.

That is just the kinda chick I am.


jorjiapeach said...

eeeeeeeee!! my favorite!! i've always dreamed of birthing ringo's children!!

Little Gray Pixel said...

Aw, I just finished a Beatles week on my blog. I don't think you could go wrong loving ANY of the Fab Four. ;-)

Susana said...

This is my favourite one! I love embroidering Ringo (it is an obsession on its own) and he is my dad's favourite Beatle (just recently I was talking about it and how unusual and wonderful that Beatle choice is)

Carrie Rosalind said...

OMG, this might be my favorite one you've posted so far! I am obsessed with the Beatles, and Ringo is one of my favorites too (so hard to pick between them!).

PS: I gave Ringo a rose when I was 4. That's one of my biggest claims to fame! ;)

Astrid said...

ringo has ALWAYS been my favourite out of them all. Ever since I was 6.


SewTara said...

I was obsessed with The Beatles too! It's so funny because all this week a student in my class has been humming New Kids on the Block and other boy bands of days gone by. The ladies I work with have been bopping along and wondered why I'm not. "I thought they were dumb, I love The Beatles and Queen and Supertramp". It's a good thing to have been a bit of a weirdo growing up. Helps you to stay outside the box.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Merry old England! I am in complete awe of your work. Its just incredible!

You have inspired me to flex my creative muscle and work it!

I love this piece- very cool.

Mama Wolf