Thursday, December 29, 2011

day 100!!! (I Resolve in Thread To....)

Wow! Day 100. I am pretty pumped.

This year I resolve to travel.

I haven't left my beautiful Canada since 1998. This year I am going to cross the border and visit my friendly neighbours in the USA. I will have to do a craft show. That's how I like to roll.

So if you see a shiny VW bug in the horizon.... it's not me. I will be driving my ugly, smelly minivan that we lovingly refer to as "The Lunchbox".


thursday said...

you LIE! I know it, Ben knows it and your van knows it. also, if you're not too terribly offended by me calling you a liar on your own blog do you think I could come along. I make for a terrible craft show sidekick but I'll bake some amazing buttertarts for the road trip.

Lucky Jackson said...

Is thata dare? Oh now you really have me going.I really going to to it. I am going to book the hotel with your credit card. If you promise though to stop calling me names AND bring buttertarts will let you sit in my booth for bathroom breaks.

Fleur De Moi said...

Good luck with your travels!!!

thursday said...

Hell yes I'm serious! Just give me dates and I'll prepare the boy far in advance. Let's do this!

Desiree Fawn said...

Aaaaand BlogHer'12, right??