Friday, November 18, 2011

I am so grateful

I just wanted to add a quick post to thank you all for being so supportive  of this project. Through emails, comments and coming to check out this site you have made this project so wonderful.

Your encouragement and kind words are the fuel that keeps this project going. (sorry to sound so corny but it's true)

So thanks again so much.!

The kindness of people just makes me so happy. (ok that's the corniest)


Heidi said...

Your art makes me happy, so thank you for your awesome blog.


Anonymous said...

I love them! I keep an eye out for the one I have to have to have to have & then I suppose I will beg and plead to be able to buy it.

Katie said...

You're welcome and I LOVE to see each new entry! Thanks for being so inspiring!

Amanda said...

I love seeing each new creation and I think with such a big project you need a bit of support along the way. Thank you for sharing your amazing work and for putting a smile on my face on many occasion.