Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 52 (Take This Job and Shove It Week)

I have been dreading the day that I might be sick and how I will go about this project.

Well today was the day.

I have what I think is the flu... I just feel horrible.

On the upside I learned that I can throw around a couple of stitches sick in bed.

So here it is job as a camp councellor at Camp Can-Do.

                                                   I know, the irony is killing me too.



Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...

what a 'can-do' attitude too.. stitching in your sickly state - you're the most dedicated crafty woman I know! ;o) Get well soon! So then we can again soon...! xo
Mel ;o)

Caren via Tea and Chickadees said...

And I need to get in on your action sometime! xox!
Jen, am sending you healing thoughts with cupcakes on top. At least as much as my sick ass can spare!
also? I bet you were the cutest Camp Counselor there ever was.