Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 49 (Take This Job and Shove It Week)

Before I stabbed fabric on a daily basis I had some other jobs. This week is dedicated to them.

I once (for 8 years) peddled sofas and chaise lounge chairs.


Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...

ooooh, now this is gonna be a fun week too - learning more about YOU! Too fun - great hoop! I love how 'stabbing fabric' makes you sound much more savage than your sweet demeanor suggests ;o)

Caren via Tea and Chickadees said...

I ditto everything Mel just said!
I'm ever so happy you stab things (er, I mean fabric) for a living now... my home would be pretty naked without my Lucky!

Katie said...

love the theme for this week!

thursday said...

you know this one makes me happy :)