Friday, November 18, 2011

day 60 (I think I love you but I'm only a preteen and my mom says it's just hormones week)

Rob Lowe.

Oh and by the way my teenage dreams came true. Rob with my Embroidery on the Katie Couric show.


Unknown said...

I am totally a blog lurker and I never comment, but I just wanted to say that I am SO impressed with your work, and I am every single day. Especially loving this week's theme - it cracks me up! Thanks for inspiring me every day!

Mel said...

holy raven locks! Did you have to triple up your embroidery black floss... or just use yarn?! Hope your Ben is surving this week's edition of hunkiness.. lol! xo
needle and nest design

Anonymous said...

And this is it! I love it!

thursday said...

wait a second, is Mr Lowe under the sheets in this one? ;)

also, Melissa's comment actually made me lol. poor Ben.

Tracey Marsden said...

Rob Lowe was my first crush. Sodapop Curtis had me with that dishy smile.

Nev said...

Ohhh I love Rob Lowe...he's uhm.. nice. :)